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Our price gun labels section contains a wide range of label to suit most makes and models of pricing guns and labellers that can be used in many varied working environments, from retail outlets to large warehousing and distribution functions. We stock labels in a variety of different colours, the most popular being White or Yellow, however some other popular colour options are Fluorescent or Pastel colours, in addition to choosing the colour of the label consideration also needs to be made when choosing the adhesive type, here you have the choice of Peelable, Permanent or Freezer adhesives. Peelable adhesive will allow the labels to be removed, ideal for use on cards or gift items or any instance where the label may need to be removed, Permanent adhesive is an adhesive that will not allow the label to be removed easily, this could be where an important piece of information is required on a product such as Use By or Best Before date, finally Freezer adhesive is an adhesive that allows the label to be applied to products that are to be placed in the freezer. We also have labels that are specifically designed for use outside, these are widely used by garden centres and builders merchants where the labels need to stand up to the rigours of the weather. You will also find in this label section our selection of pre-printed labels, again to suit many different pricing / labelling guns, we have text such as ‘SALE’,  ‘REDUCED’,  ‘OUR PRICE’,  ‘WAS / NOW’ and ‘CLEARANCE’, these labels are all designed to draw attention to the product. So whether it is a simple White price gun label or something a bit different to draw attention we are sure to have something to suit.



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